Who is Garf

Picture: Breaking in the leathers watching the rugby
Name: Gareth “Garf” Williams
Age: 42 (old enough to know better)
Race Number: 17 (durrrrrrrr)
Occupation: ‘puters
Likes: Things that melt.
Scuba diving
Dislikes: Lots of thing, I best leave that well alone.
Why? Why not?
Bike: Yamaha R6 13S (2009)
and still got my CBR600RR 04
Favourite Track: All of them, but gun to my head and have to choose one, Oulton Park
Favourite Bikes: Norton F1 in politically incorrect JPS colours…. mmmm Wankel how and the NRV588(Now that was a lovely bike), RGV250 with the shotgun exhausts, Benelli Tornado Tre, Triumph Dayton 675