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No Donington For Me

Well an unexpected turn of events have led to me not being at Donington this weekend. I filled in an entry at Oulton for this round, as nothing has come back I rang the NG...
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Oulton Time Again

Well this weekend see my 2017 kick off meeting at Oulton Park. The end of what has been a odd off season. Work commitments have seen me travelling around a bit and until recently I...
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Nearly Ready for Thruxton

It's that time again. Time to get out at Thruxton for the  last round of the season with NGRRC. Only one thing stopping me being ready right now. I have no van. It's being delivered...
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The Countdown To Oulton

The delayed start of 2016 racing is about to happen this weekend at Oulton Park, which is probably my favourite circuit. It's a shame that it's only a single day event, thought that does make...
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Finally my racing season starts. Just filled in and sent off my entry for Oulton Park. Better late than never. Decided to do the test day too as I haven't been on the Yamaha in a while...
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MOT Updates

So shockingly the bike sailed through the MOT but the Transporter didn't. A small matter of a cracked rear spring (NSR). This shocked me as it really hadn't done any miles or carried any weight...
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