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Weekend of Racing

Doington Garf 17 2013 300x225 Weekend of Racing First off this post contains spoilers of the weekend racing, for MotoGP and NW200 if you haven’t seen it.


Well what a race that was at Le Mans. Bradley Smith going sideways at the start then coming back (they seemed to miss that the commentators), Rossi binning it after for once being in front of Lorenzo, and Lorenzo, himself, going backwards. Ducatis up the sharp end and even leading. Mistakes by Pedrosa dropping back into second and then going away again. Marquez’s slow start and then relentlessly coming back at the pack, making mistake and still coming. And Cal Crutchlow, the only Yamaha on the podium, in second, all with a broken leg! How can they be thinking of replacing him with Espagaro next year?  I still think it’s a silly rule that the manufacturers are only allowed 4 bikes on the grid. What is the point of that? Surely more bikes up the front of the race is a much better show and sport that having 10 bikes that are going around at the back… like I do icon smile Weekend of Racing


Another great race full of ups and downs. Well done Scott Redding on his first of what I expect to be a large number of wins in Moto2 class. It’s good to see his team boss/financier so happy to see his bikes win. He seems a proper fan. There seems to be a rumour gathering pace that he’ll take Scott to MotoGP on one of the new customer Hondas  RCV213. I like the sound of that and I do hope it’s true. The CRT bikes don’t seem to be getting that much closer to the front and the customer Honda sounds like it could be quiet a bit faster from what I have read. Also a great showing for Gino Rea’s on his first outing on the FTR. What a start! 31st to 12th. Way to go lad. Why you were left without a ride at the start of the year I do not know.

North West 200

It’s such a shame that the weather clobbered this again. I did watch the races on Thursday and wasn’t about to watch the abandoned races. Lets hope for some better weather for the Isle of Man TT in a few weeks time, not that I am going but after the Senior being cancelled last year it would be  a shame for both events, in my mind the top 2, to be affected.

The Most Glamourous of All… NGRRC Club Racer News

As for my racing things this weekend, I haven’t really done much. I unloaded the van properly from last weekend and noticed my exhaust hanger has snapped, so a little bit of brazing or re-engineering to sort that out. Not sure what caused it to snap as it’s not under any load and nothing was resting on it that I could see. It did have a bit of a stress crack showing but nothing to say it was going to snap across both parts. So that is another job that needs doing. I have also looked into getting the bike on a Dyno and getting it all mapped properly and I am just waiting for when this can be fitted in at the well respected OTC Dyno Centre in Widnes. I hope that my Power Commander behaves itself, as the connection to the USB port has been a little iffy. I am keeping an eye on a couple of new ones on eBay just in case, but as the engine has taken a big bite out of my budget for go faster gear I am hoping it’s just the lead will need to be like the one that I got it talking to my laptop with. The lead itself seemed to have a slightly longer than normal connector.

I am sticking to my guns and not doing Castle Combe, the next round. The long drive down to a track I haven’t been to before for a single day event isn’t really worth it for me. I am not in the fight for a championship and so have to take the cost/time/fun/benefit equation into account and I simple don’t have the time or money to spend. I still have to find some cash and time to have my training with Spike, and I think that would be a better use of my limited budget. I am currently thinking maybe a midweek run around Oulton Park would be the best for me. I have given up on EasyTrack as they have now gone into liquidation and as I won the pack in a raffle I won’t get anything back. Annoying but what can you do? So it’s No Limits, MSV or Focused Events for me now then. This adds quiet a large lump to the amount it will cost… somewhere in the region of £300 to £400…. ouch.

World Superbikes

Next weekend it’s Donington Park once again for the WSBK. I have half a mind to wonder down and watch, but I don’t think I’ll have the time. Anyhow. Good luck to Kevin ‘Shrek’ Davies, as he is racing his Mini Twin, or is it Super Twin there? Different class rules and I am not entirely sure what they are. Have at ‘em fella!


Photo by Glyn Richardson

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