2014 Season Costs

Season 4 and lets hope for less big expenses this year

Oulton Park Races

What Is It Comment Event Cost

Pre Season

NGRRC Membership £22.00
ACU Membership £43.00
MOT Mot for van and bike £60.00
Tax Tax for the van for 6 months £123.25
Insurance Insurance for the van £310.00
Tyres A new set of wets (Thruxton destroyed them) and a new rear £443.00
Helmet New Shoei XR1100 from HelmetCity.co.uk £259.99
Eye Test Every 3 years you need an eye test £27.50
Held Gloves RST1000. Bit of a bargain from FBMoto 50% off couldn’t say no £98.43
Dzus Clips A few Dzus Clips from Speedy (Scrawn’s Sponsor) just to have a few spare and replace a few broken ones £13.00
Renthal Clip Ons Technically this should go in the after training day, but just before racing £125.50
Consumables Oil, Filters brake fluid etc £45.00
Pre Season Total £1570.67
Pre Season Costs £1570.67

Training With Spike

Please note that there are additional cost from LAST year on top of this. First with EasyTrack going out of business AND Spike having an accident that meant the rescheduled track time didn’t go ahead see here for more costs

Track Day Finally got the day at Oulton Park. Only had to get one as a pay back for the cancelled track day £99.00
Spike’s Fee Couldn’t get it for free which is my favourite price naturally 🙂 £200.00
Photos Bit of ego and to have a memory of the day. Great photos from £15.00
Fuels Van and bike £65.00
Training Total £379.00
Training Total £379.00

Oulton Park Races

Entry Fee Open 600 Entry for first class £135.00
Entry Fee Street Stock 700 Entry for Second class £70.00
Credit Card Handling Charge £2.00
Fuel Fuel for bike, generator and the van £68.00
Oulton Total £275.00
Oulton Round £275.00

Cadwell Park Races

Entry Fee Open 600 Entry for first class per day £110.00 x2 £220.00
Entry Fee Street Stock 700 Entry for Second class per day £60 second day free £120.00
Credit Card Handling Charge £2.00
Fuel For van and bike £72.00
Front Tyre Tyre on the front was looking a little worse for wear so a quick change (sold the scrubs for £20 ) £102.30
Rear Stand My rear stand finally given the ghost with constant use £45.00
Cadwell Park Total £561.30
Cadwell Park Round £561.30

Sort Of Mid Season Splurge

Oil Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 XP 4L £25.64
Oil Filters K&N Oil Filters x2 £19.99
Boots Alpinestar SuperTech R £279.99
Wheel Bags Carriers for Wheels £45.00
Total £370.62
Mid Season Splurge £370.62
Total £3156.59


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Try and get a little back 😉