Honda CBR600RR

ModelCBR 600 RR
Engine Size599cc

Not much. I bought the bike about 18 months ago with virtually everything on it is now. There is very little that needs doing to make a modern 600 to make them track ready. It came with a race exhaust and everything lock wired ready to go. I added some crash bungs and filled it with fuel and basically that’s it.For this year I have replaced the front fork springs weight matched to my weight (thanks to Pete at Actiforce Racing for doing the hard bit of figuring which one to get). I was bottoming out the forks on track days and thought it best to replace them. Drained the coolant and put it some water (don’t under estimate how long that can take. Try and get the bike level, ie on front and back stands. I didn’t and it took a long while to get the coolant out and left a bubble or something where the water didn’t get too until running up at Cadwell)

My Honda CBR 600 RR
My Honda CBR 600 RR


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