Garf's Suzuki GSXR-600 K6 Srteet Stock The more observant of you will realise that the bike looks suspiciously the same as last year’s and the year before that’s for that matter, and with good reason. It is. There is nothing that the bike needs to be competitive in terms of power or chassis wise. The only thing limiting it is a rider. So for 2014 I shall be running the same Suzuki GSXR 600 K6. The only change from 2013 to this year is the addition of some Renthal Clip-ons. The reason being, when I had my training day with Spike Edwards, he noticed my arms were in a “strange position” and noticed that the standard Suzuki clip-ons had been swapped over to give  more adjustment for pushing the bars out (as there is a lug that goes into a hole one the underside of the clamp to stop bars moving too far out). This made the small drop a small rise (as they were flipped over). I had never given this any thought what so ever but it would explain a little wrist ache I have had at times, I just thought I was holding on too tight.  Over the last year I upgraded just few things, as when I got the bike it was fairly well spec’ed as it was. First up was a new fairing. This was the worst thing I did. I went for a cheap off eBay type rather than spending a bit more on a more “quality” product. There is countless posts on how this was a pain to fit. Next up was the front brake calipers, to some of a Yamaha R6. This was done to stop a bit of brake fade I noticed when at Thruxton, and a brief look around the internet I found that this was a common upgrade. when I got them I found that it was more likely to a missing lug spacer in one of the caliper bolts (eeek). Next up was some captive spacers, these are now a MUST have on any bike I buy. They make the changing of wheels a lot less of a pain. Then lastly the bling.I got some rather shiny and spangly Ohlins cartridged forks off someone that was selling his 750 to come racing in the 600s and selling the parts he had put on the bike to raise a bit more funds (have I mentioned that racing is expensive?). I was thinking I might need to re-valve or generally look at the front end as I have been ripping up the front tyre a fair bit more than I expected, and these where about the price of a re-valve and a bit extra.  That’s it. All of this was done last year. This year it’s just put some new oil, water and fuel in the respected tanks and lets go racing. One other mod that I did during 2012, before Thruxton, was to narrow the belly pan, as it was scraping on the ground a bit on the right hand side. This is the side where on a standard bike the exhaust is, so  I think the fairing was a bit “liberal” with the amount of space it.

Suzuki GSX-R 600 K6

Engine Size599cc
Engine Power115bhp (on dyno)
ModificationsRenthal Clip-ons (March 2014)
Front Suspension: Ohlins Cartidge Internals (Sept 2012)
Yamaha R6 Front Calipers (May 2012)
Captive Spacers for front and rear wheels (June 2012)
New fairing (2011-2012 off season)Already fitted when I got the bike (Sept 2011)
Rear Suspension: Ohlins TX Rear Shock absorber
Brembo Master cylinder
MJP exhaust coupled with custom map on PCIII
HM QuickShift (race shift)
PP Tuning Rearset
Quick Action Throttle
Ohlins steering damper
520 Tsubaki chain conversion
Renthal sprockets.
History With Garf2012 Seaons NGRRC Metzler Street Stocks 700
Finished 5th Overall with a best finish of 2x 3rd in class at Anglesey.
2012 Season NGRRC Open 600
Best Finish of 16th At Donington Park
 HistoryApparently and according to the vendor, this was the wet bike for one Jenny Tinmouth, I have no way of verifying this and don’t actually care. I have never seen her on a GSXR so it might be true it might be rubbish. It was first registered to Crescent Suzuki, which could make it a race bike from the start of it’s life or just pre-registered by them. Either way it’s got all the bling go faster bits on that I could want.
Photos from Anglesey
Photos by Hairy Beast Pix
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