My Old VTRI have been doing trackdays on and off for the last 10 years (eek that is scary) ever since my friends got me a Performance Riding day experience for my 30th Birthday with Drayton Croft Suzuki on a Gixxer 600. After doing that I sold the Honda VTR1000 Firestorm  I had been riding, as the in line 4 was such a laugh, and got myself a Triumph Daytona 600. That ventured on to track a few times but was mainly a road bike. A few moons past  and then got traded in for a 675 as I just had to have one, fantastic to look at, fantastic to ride and sounds brilliant. This also ventrued out to Donington Park once. The thought of dropping the only brand new vehicle I ever have owned and the astronomical cost of Triumph parts (try £4.76+VAT for a fairing bolt!) made me reluctant to risk my road bike on the track. So I started looking about for a track bike. Nothing fancy just “Something” that was just a toy. As luck would have it a  member of Team Cheese was selling a ZX6R G2 that he had raced on and off for a while and the price was right so I bought it, a trailer and a towbar for the bane of my life car and the UK’s tracks where all within my reach. A trip down to Gloucestershire from the frozen north of Lancashire to pick up the bike

My ZX6RIn fact my first outing on the ZX was out in Spain, at Alcarras, in February 2009. This was 3 days of intense fun and started a 2009 of trying to get as much track time as limited spare cash and my over demanding work would allow. Donington and Mallory where my main haunts with Anglesey’s Ty Croes (as I still call it, as I have been going there for nearly 30 years and I am too stuborn to change now) also getting a visitation to my grand mother, or Nain, as she lives 3 miles away is always good. I soon found myself addicted and suffering from shinynewtoyitus. I wanted something a little more modern than the ZX6 and once again found a former race bike from the NG ranks through a friend, Doog, who is a scrutineers with NG. And so from North of Manchester to Bristol and back to get a bike for the second time in as many years. This was my Honda CBR600RR 04. This time not going so far a field for a first outing but to Oulton Park. Through 2010 I have snuck about doing a track day here, watch racing there and generally started to wonder around mid 2010 “Where would I be on the race track?”

This thought wouldn’t go away. And so, it leads to joining NG and looking forward to a season of racing.

Photos from Anglesey
Photos by Hairy Beast Pix
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