Entry In for Cadwell Park and Van Update

It’s that time again to send in my entry in for Cadwell Park. The money starts leaping out of the account with regular frequency from now until Thruxton in October. I have also purchased a front wheel chock for the van as the front wheel has a tendency to try and turn when the Tyre Down is used to pull the bike tight to the bulkhead in the van. This wasn’t such a problem when it was central in the van as the front straps pulled it into a small grove in the bulkhead. The GSXR tried to make an escape while it was being taken to the MOT station apparently (I wasn’t there) and I have been thinking of getting one for a bit anyway. I also need to add, or at least move some of the solid ratchet points. My current plan is to drill and bolt, or use some technical screws, to make sure the racking is well and truly held fast to the floor, at the moment the racks are screwed in to the flooring, I thought that this would be enough but apparently it isn’t as some are looking like they are pulling through. The technical screws I have (stolen from my dad’s van 🙂 ) aren’t long enough to go through the flooring and into the van’s floor. While I am talking about the van, I finished off cutting the slats of my old Ikea bed to fit. I cut them all the same length and guess what, the bed is slightly warped, so they don’t sit tightly in. It must be caused by my fat lump sleeping on it for the years I used it. Still at least it’s in and usable. I am in 2 minds if to screw them in place or allow them to slide so I can make a “table” at the back or front. I might try it out in April when I head up to Cadwell for my training with Spike.

Not the most thrilling of updates really, such is the glamour of club racing.

Thundersport GB on Telly

I did spend a pleasant watching Motors TV‘s coverage of Thundersports round from Brands Hatch yesterday evening. It was good to see Richie Connell (Richie Connell Racing Facebook Page) and hear him getting so many name checks… even if they did fail to mention you where the ONLY 600 in the GP1 in the race 😉