Well I have a few questions and so I thought I’d add a page to answer a few of them:

How fast are you?

I am not the fastest, by any stretch. I would consider myself mid pack of a normal inters group at a track day. I am therefore battling at the back of the grid. But as a not so wise man (Doog) said: “Without us at the back they would not be out the front”. I do it for the love, not the trophies. I’d love to win, who wouldn’t? But lets get real, that isn’t happening any time soon.

So Why Do It?

I love it! It’s something you can’t explain. Bikes and racing are something that are just there. Ever since my friends started, there has been a little voice at the back of my head saying “That looks fun, we should get in on that fun, what’s the worst that could happen?” and I am stupid and listen to that voice.

Is Bike Racing Expensive?

Yes. No hiding from that fact. I am at the budget end and as you can see by my “what it has cost” page it isn’t the cheapest past time. There are people that will tell you need to spend more than I do, and if you have the talent and the deep pockets then it may well be worthwhile.

Is It Dangerous?

Of course it is. High speeds on something that can fall over, with other people around you aiming for where you want to go. It’s all about risk and return. The more you risk the higher the return. Again it is something you can’t explain, it’s either in your character of it’s not. That said, if you ride a bike on the road is there a trained team of medics used to motorcycle accidents no more than a mile a way? Are the roads you ride on without telegraph poles, dry hard walls, dopey drivers on the wrong side of the road and the like? A track is, in my opinion safer…. in some ways at least.

I Have A Track Bike, Is It Up To Racing?

The bike is more than likely better than you are. If it passes the scruiteneers then yes, it’s up to it. I, in my limited time in the NGRRC and other paddocks seen and heard the the phrase “I’d be winning if I had a XXXX mk 3 rather than the TYYYY2”. Truth is it’s rubbish. Yes to be at the very top it may make a difference, but at my level talent is the thing I am down on, and I make a sweeping generalisation here, but I am guessing that is your case too. Once you at a level that the kit matters that much, that’s the time to worry about it, not when you start out. Wouldn’t it be good to see Rossi on my bike and beating people with more power and better bikes… what would their reasoning be then?

Do You Like Being Last?

Hell no! Does anyone? I will race hard not to be last.

I Heard A Story About You, Is It True?

More than likely, Yes, probably. I have done many stupid thing and will do countless more given any opportunity 🙂



Do you have anything you'd like to add?