Race StartNB Please note this is not up to date. There has been another part to the test added, a on track test. I don’t know the details of this I shall find them and add them later.

So, you want to start racing and don’t know where to start? Are you sure? It’s addictive and expensive you know. First off, I can’t really help with racing outside the UK, as I have been asked. I must admit this amused me greatly when I was asked how to start racing in Spain, sorry… as I have long ago realised that I am doing this for the fun and I am very unlikely to ever be in the position to have a National Licence let alone a International.

Here is what you need to do:

Get An ACU Race Licence 

First off you need to join a club, this may seem weird. You’ll need to join a club that is affiliated to the governing body, the ACU. The choice of club comes down what and where you want to race. Some clubs are based at a few local circuits, which will keep the travel costs low, where as others spread themselves long and wide across the country. I chose the NGRRC due to the list of tracks and more importantly I had friends that already raced in the club. Never under estimate your need for help and advice that you can get at a race meeting. If you can go to a few meets and have a chat around the paddocks and see if you get a good vibe and also get an idea of what to expect.

Once you have chosen a club, like everything it seems, you’ll need a licence. To get a race licence you’ll need to do the ACU‘s CTC course and test.

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The ACU CTC Test

This really is a doodle. It consists of a course of half a days worth of lectures and then a very,very simple multiple choice test at the end of it. I know what you are thinking “what are the questions on ACU test?“, well they are easy. I would reckon that if you have watched motorsport you would be able to pass without sitting through the class, with perhaps the exception of the ones to do with being a parent of a child under 16 or if you are a child under 16, both of which I don’t fit into. For example there was the questions about flags, like what does the Red Flag mean? Really they are easy. You can either do this in Rugby at the ACU‘s head quarters or with club, organised normally at a practice day. I did mine with NG at Pembrey. Just to give you an idea of the test not one person failed the test. Once this is done you can send off for you ACU licence. With the application for a licence you will need to send confirmation of your club membership and a eye test. This is a bit more than read a number plate at the road riding distance, it needs to be the eye test that checks your peripheral vision and the like. My eye site was free, a word you do not hear a great deal when you are dealing with racing, but some opticians may charge. You will need to have test to show you have peripheral vision. The optician will need to sign the application form as well. Also you may require a note from your doctor as well, depending  on your age, medical history etc. Once you have done all this and sent off the form they will send you your licence.

When you get it through the letter box the exciting world of racing awaits you… and the regular emptying of your bank account.

Now it’s time  think about what class to race in click here

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