Cadwell Park action

My next race is Cadwell at the end of April. But before then I have a bit of tuition with Mike “Spike” Edwards, again at Cadwell Park, so hopefully I ‘ll be able to improve on my lap times from last year and see if I can bridge the gap to the next group of riders. It’ll be interesting to see how many people are in the Street Stocks this year, as they have just done a BOGOF deal for the Sunday, so I would imagine that there will be a fair few extra entries that wouldn’t normally happen, in all classes. Oh well I’ll race what ever is there, hehe and probably get beaten by most too 😉

So April is Cadwell on the whole. Trackday and Racing and just maybe just a little watching of MotoGP season 😉

Easy Tracks Track Day Cadwell Park Friday 12th April 2013

NGRRC Round 3 Cadwell Park  Saturday 27tth April 2013

NGRRC Round 4 Cadwell Park Sunday 28th April 2013


  1. Brian Potter

    Good Luck mate You are living the dream – have fun get that grin and never let it go, will be back to check your ramblings they look like they will be worth reading : ) ….GSXR…..TDR

    1. Garf

      Cheers Fella.
      Who would have known my dreams where so scary? 🙂

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