This page will give you a snap shot, 1 liners of things I learn through the year.

  • Bolts are either tight or off, never hand tight.
  • When draining coolant make the bike level on front and back stands
  • Haggling works
  • SatNavs lie. Tracks are never where they say they are
  • Read the chassis and engine number off the bike and write them down and put them with something you take to each round, like your licence.
  • Getting something to get your rear wheel at the level of the spindle, like a block of wood or the like, speeds up changing the rear tyre…. and reduces swearing and cursing.
  • Loosely ratchet strapping the ramp to the trailer means you don’t have to worry about the ramp slipping as you get the bike off a trailer.
  • Make a check list of things you need for a race/track day. Laminate it and work through it. I work through a day before, night before and morning of setting off list. So far I have forgotten 1 thing (air bed pump) because it wasn’t on the list.
  • When cleaning you bike, go round and check all bolts, even the ones that you don’t think can possibly undo and check they are tightened up properly.
  • If possible set up near to the speakers so you can hear announcements nice and clearly.
  • You will not believe how many stamps you will get through.
  • Cheap fairings are cheap for a reason
  • Gaffer tape is your friend
  • You won’t believe how many stamps and envelops you will need
  • No matter how small a trophy is, it is really, really, really important
  • Talk to photographers… especially if they are friendly like Kerry Rawson, you’ll get more pictures over a weekend
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