Saturday 18th August 2013

Street Stock 700/1300 and Pre Injection Qualifier

<having to upload again>

The track is now dry, with a little dampness around, but nothing too bad. The wind is still a bit gusty and I am riding a bit badly, probably due to only really having one race in the dry the day before so using wet braking markers and the like. Still all good fun


Open 600 Qualifier

Back to my “normal” sort of pace relative to the others here after my exploits yesterday. I start getting a few slips and slides that make me think the rear tyre isn’t at it’s best any more so a full new set of Metzler’s finest Racetech Interact in for the finals


Street Stock 700/1300 and Pre Injection Final

Probably my favourite race of the weekend. I get held up and mugged on the last lap but it was very good fun with No 51 Graham Kealey, who I shared garage space with over the weekend as well. I couldn’t get passed the PI bike in front for too long. I should have just stuck my neck out a bit more 🙂


Open 600 Final

Baaaaaaaaaaaah. I got lapped. Same thing again, fun but got stuck behind and couldn’t get a pass in.

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