Saturday 27th July 2013

Street Stock 700/1300 and Pre Injection Qualifier

Made a bit of a mess of the first corner, I thought I was pushed wide but I can’t see if that was just my brain making excuses :), but more than made up for it in the race. I can’t tell you how fun this was. (Me and Alex, and Graham at it again, this time with a whole host of extras)


Open 600 Qualifier

I don’t know what happened to me here. I was “alright” for a couple of laps then I just seem to loose the plot. Don’t know why specifically, I just can’t put my finger on it. Once I start to make mistakes they seem to come thick and fast.


Street Stock 700/1300 and Pre Injection Final

Not as many passes and re-passes as the qualifier but still a damn fun race.


Unfortunately the camera didn’t record the final for the 600’s. It is a real shame as it was a really good fight.


  1. Phil Ransom

    Brilliant video, managed to see my two runners in the open 600 qualifying, Ben and Joe Ransom. Cheers, Phil Ransom

    1. Garf


      It’s a shame I didn’t get the 600 final 🙁

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