Saturday 12th October 2013

Street Stock 700 and Pre Injection Qualifier

We were held for a good 10 mins before the start of this one as someone had dropped oil on the chicane coming onto to the start finish straight. Not sure if it’s what caught out a the CBR rider, but a good start to the days racing. The track was drying rapidly though most people were on wets, as I was and it really did punish them. They are now not fit for anything but the skip after 7 laps. To be honest they have lasted well. Fortuantely it was the only wet-ish race after the fully wet practices.  A lowly starting slot from 33rd on the grid meant there was some work to do and plenty of Mini Twins and PI bike to get past to have a go at the Street Stock 700s. This is the first time there weren’t the 1300s in the race, made it easy to see if I was in the same race (well… I’ll race anyone in my class or not) A good start  to the day.


Open 600 Qualifier Heat A

First of the very full grids for the Open 600s. Again my late entry meant that I was near the back to start with. Another fun race with a lots of mixing it up with other riders.


Street Stock 700 and Pre Injection Final

Probably my favourite race of the day. Not the best start, but better certainly than the fella that bashed into my rear tyre after parting company with his SRAD going into the Complex. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but could do nothing to not be in his way. I really thought I was going to be off for a second. After that I set about fighting my way around the track.


Open 600 A Final

Only the second time I made it to the A Final ever! It gets a bit lonely after a bit as I start feeling the bike lose a bit of grip. It might just be in my head but I loose touch and then

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