This is the worrying bit

There is no such thing as cheap racing, and last year I slipped a bit / alot when it came to updating this section as it hurt too much. On the whole it wasn’t too bad despite the £2100 getting a van last year. I didn’t have an off, which keeps the cost lower but I was seduced by sparkly, shiny, shiny make you go quicker bits too.

First Year Costs

The first year I am told is the most expensive, as you buy what you need but haven’t got and what you want but don’t need.

Season 2011 Costs

Second Year Costs

Bit slack and missed alot. I shall be going back through old bank statements and credit card bills to see how much it actually did cost me.
Season 2012 Costs

Third Year 2013

Well hopefully all the big expenses are out of the way… I hope. Bike is good, van is good… just the rider that needs sorting out now. How wrong I was

Season 2013 Costs

Forth Year 2014

Fourth year is here. Took a while to start this up but I have finally got around to do this list. Anyhow here it is

Season 2014 Costs

Fifth Year 2015

I didn’t really keep an accurate record for 2015. It was a bit of a stop start season, with only managing the Oulton Park and Anglesey Rounds, missing other rounds due to injury (not racing related). I did have a rather expensive year swapping the GSXR to the Yamaha R6. 

Sixth Year 2016 – The Current Year

Skipping the first round and doing a trip to Spain has seen me try and hit the ground running this year. Let see how that pans out



  1. Alec Rudd

    Glad you enjoyed Cadwell see you at Pembrey

    1. Garf

      I can hardly wait…. not long now 🙂

      See you there

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