Making the assumption that I am going to do more than the one season.

Pre Season

Join NG Road Racing: £20.00

CTC Course with NGRRC including test day £110.00

Preping Bike

New Springs (Pete at Actiforce is a star) £88.00

Fork Oil, Oil and Filter: £53.00

Brake Pads: £49.60 (from www.Moto-Racespares.com)

Transponder £220 .00(second hand off Team Cheese member)

Qstarz BT-Q1000ex (totally unnecessary electric toy that does GPS lap data) £99.00


Pembrey Test

Fuel to Pembrey: £60.00

Fuel for test day £40.00 (some left over)

Travel Lodge room (too old to camp in Feb nowadays) £11.00

Food and Drink: £20 ish

Orange Novice Vest £7.00

Join ACU

Join the ACU 1 year membership £43.00

Cadwell Park Track Day

Trackday with Hottrax: £89.00

Fuel to get there and back £30.00 (ish)

Fuel for the bike £28.00

Tyre Scrubs off a Throttle Monkey member £70.00

(That’s the £1000.00 mark broken right here, anyone want to buy a kidney?)

Fitting of  tyre £10.00

Race Season

Cadwell Pre-Race Weekend

Entry Fees:  600, Newcomer and 1 Day of the Open £292.00 (eeek!)

That breaks down as:

£105.00 x2 for the 600’s,

£50.00 for the Open and

£30.00 for the Newcomers (only one race)

£2.00 credit card handling fee


£50.00 Set of Scrubs tyres

£28.00 Fuel for the bike

£12.00 Baring for the Trailer

£10.00 Fuel Jug

£5.00 Fairing bolts

£30.00 Food and Drink.

Pembrey Race Weekend

Entry Fees:  600, Newcomer


£11.88 Paint for Fairing and Masking tape


£75.48 Fuel for the weekend and getting there

£60.00 Rear Tyre

£10.00 Fitting of tyres

£80.00 Tyre Warmer

£30.00 Food and Drink

Mallory Park

Entry Fees: 600s and Open



£120.00 2 sets of tyres

£35.00 Fuel

£6.90 Corporate Hospitality (Gingsters Pasty and flap jacks, No expense spared)

£1.00 Wheel weights (to add a bit more to the lock stops as they were a little tight)



RUNINNG TOTAL = £2203.86

Do you have anything you'd like to add?