Well I shall try and keep up with this a bit more than last year. It got a bit scary. This year should be less drastic costs as I have most things I need and I haven’t broken many things yet. It still can add up quickly. The switch to the GSX-R will have an impact on costs but nothing to drastic as most of that will be funded by the selling of the CBR (he said hopefully)… That said the arrival of a van will make it a bit more expensive as the insurance and tax will all need to come from somewhere.

Pre Season

Paperwork bits

Club Membership

ACU Memebership

Bike Prep



Faring Painting
£50 and some beer

R6 Calipers

Track Day Mallory Park

Entry For Mallory 2 Classes

SBS Dual Carbon Brake Pads

Brake Fluid, Chain Lube, Copper Grease, paint, masking tape, bleed kit (mine had broken) odds and sods

£1500.00 (in a way.. long story attached to that )

Tax and Insurance
£672.00 (ouch)

Do you have anything you'd like to add?