Another 20 min Job that Turns into Hours

I spent a good part of Friday night and Saturday morning trying to get the new fairing to fit. It’s not going well, in fact over the course of that time I have only managed to get the seat unit finish, with it’s not fitting under tray made to fit. The main problem is as I went for the “super sports”  single piece tail it didn’t really want to allow for the number plate that Street Stock class requires. The seat unit didn’t have 2 of the bolt holes that the previous fairing had for attaching itself to the frame (and doesn’t need them) but it did mean that lining up the lower bolts was a lot trickier. Coupled with the fact that the under tray is not very well matched in size or shape to the area it’s meant to fit too and it all became a bit more of a pain than I imagined. This length of time taken was also added to by the “measure twice cut once” principle being applied.

The top fairing is also being a pain. The upper bolt receiver “grommits” are missing from the frame (one of the previous owners has drilled and tapped 2 new holes in the frame which I could use, but I prefer to do it properly) and the quality of the fit of the fairing is fairly poor. This means that to get the whole thing lined up is tricky. I am having to use the screen as a “stress member” to get the fairing to hold in the correct place for the fairing stays.

The most annoying thing is once it’s on, I’ll be taking it off to spray on some number boards.

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