So It Is 2018 What Is New And Happening?

Well it’s the new year and that can only mean one thing, thoughts turn to bike racing.

This year I have looked at the calendars for both NG and No Limits and I am going to be more than likely unable to dovetail the 2 together in any way. Either the races I want to do clash or are too close together. The absence of Thruxton is a big lose, but the fact the last round is my local at Oulton makes up for it a bit. Anglesey moving around is also a pain for me, on a totally personal level but  it’s nothing I can’t deal with. The question in my head is Snetterton. I have never been to Snetterton and it’s a long old trudge there, as I haven’t done Brands, Castle Combe or Pemebrey for the same reason there is a question mark as to can I find the funds and time to do it. This is complicated by the continuing saga of my van being out of action. Hiring one is a pain as I have to pick up/get it delivered and then empty everything so all around not taking too much time off work.

Otherwise everything is fairly the same this year, as it stands. I am still going to be competing with the R6 after thinking of swapping classes and getting something like a Ducati 899, just to change things up a bit, as I still haven’t got to grips with the Yamaha. The funds simply don’t allow such frivolities 🙂

In other news I have booked a day with Jamie Whitham, the former World Superbike, Supersport rider and one of if not the best commentators on bike racing, at Anglesey, thanks to a Christmas present. I have never done one of his days before but have heard only good things about them. The only down side is the only date I can get at the moment is the Tuesday AFTER racing at Anglesey…. bugger. Oh well, track time is track time.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?