2021 Starting?

As you may have noticed and guessed 2020 didn’t really happen for me. I was due to go out to Jerez with No Limits in April. The day before it was cancelled. Luckily I wasn’t already on my way. As you have no doubt noticed I didn’t even throw a leg over the bike this year. So do this mean I am done?


Basically I have taken a sabbatical… but unlike Dovi, I am coming back. In fact I am booked to be out in Andalucia in March, all being well, again with No Limits. Top marks to No Limits for dealing with everything and the tyre fire that the pandemic has created. There was no fuss in having everything carried over forward, unlike the flights. A bit of a to and fro and they are sorted too. So all in all I have 4 days on track and a set of tyres in storage for the year.

Other news: Calendar

So as you may have seen there is the new calendar for 2021 for NGRRC, if you haven’t seen it then it’s HERE. Still no return for Thruxton, which is a shame but until BTTC stop going there twice I think we are not likely to go back (Boooo to taking the MASSIVELY larger amount of money but that is what it is). The worse thing though is the absence of my favourite track. There is no Oulton Park. That means my nearest round is now either Donington or Angelsey. It’s not great that my favourite and second best track for results is off the 2021 calendar but in all honesty I’ll just be glad to get racing (and lapped) again.

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