ACU Card has Arrived

Well the little bit of plastic that says I am free to race has arrived from the ACU. After last year’s wait and worry that it wouldn’t turn up, it’s nice to have everything ready really good and early.

Not really a great deal to add to that… Now it’s just a waiting game and tinkering with the bike and counting down the days.


  1. Dave Mackay

    Hello Gareth,

    Had a good sniff around these pages last year, very informative. I had forgotten about it and just clicked on a link from TDR.

    I have just done my CTC yesterday with a view to race with NG this season. No relation to your number but I have picked 17 as well to run in the sound of thunder and probably the newcomers.

    Hopefully my licence will turn up next week and I will get my entry in for Brands. Are you doing the MSV test day on the friday?

    Either way I’m sure we will meet at the circuits.


    Dave Mackay.

    1. Garf

      Hi Dave

      I picked 17 coz you can make it up with tape easily…. Number 1 wasn’t available 7 wasn’t either, strange that 🙂

      Cool on the CTC and SoT running… what you on?

      Hell no on the test day. The expense of Brands is already mounting up a lot. I should really as I have never been there.

      Don’t be a stranger 😉


      1. Dave Mackay

        Hello again,

        I’d forgotten where I left this comment originally. Hence only just finding it and replying. I lose track sometimes with all te forums and stuff.

        I ran the rc8 at brands. I’ve started putting stuff on tumblr here


        I see what you mean about cost. I spent a fortune before I’d even turned a wheel. I’ll not be at mallory due to work but I’ll be at all the other rounds so I’ll come and find you.

        Feel free to drop me an email, at least I’ll remember to reply to that 😉


        1. Garf

          That is a problem with this site structure… I should really do something about it, but it is easy to keep everything working as it should.

          How did you get on at Brands?
          I have linked to your site.

          The costs get less as you start to realise what you need and build up a few odds and sods you only need to buy once. The first year, as I am sure you have been told is the most expensive… unless you take to lobbing everything at the scenery.
          Shame you are not at Mallory, that is a good track and I imagine would be very good fun on a KTM.

          I’ll send you a mail as well


  2. Dave Mackay

    I think the site is fine, very informative. I just forgot to check for a reply.

    I came last in my first race and third from last in my second. If you scroll through my tumblr there are a couple of pages of write up on it.

    I figured initial outlay would be the biggest cost. I don’t plan on slinging it but have plenty of spares 😉

    Catch you at pembrey hopefully.

    1. Garf

      Hehe I just tend to witter on here… it’s stops my friends running off and hiding from me if I do it in real life 🙂 and if it’s informative to some then that’s great.

      I had a read of you site and I am sort of glad I decided to skip the round because of the weather, bit of a baptism of fire (or should that be water) having a first race like that. Still sounds like you enjoyed it which is the main thing. I was next to last on my first outing in glorious sunshine at Cadwell and as of yet haven’t raced in iffy conditions so I have no idea what I will be like.

      Hehe I don’t think anyone plans of offs, no matter how much some look like they are trying all the time to have one but you have done right having spares. Better to have and not need than need and not have etc.

      I’ll come hunting for you if you don’t come hunting for me at Pembrey 😉

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