ACU Licence, Insurance Cover Note and Charging the Transponder

Charging a TransponderWell the postman has been at it again, delivering my ACU Licence and my cover note for the van insurance. I had started to chase up my ACU licence yesterday as I hadn’t received it. I was rather surprised I could “upgrade online” when I was digging around for the information. I rang to say that I couldn’t send back my card as I didn’t have one, except the old one, as of yet, and that it was getting a bit close for comfort to racing at Cadwell, I like all the bits of paperwork sorted well in advance as it’s something that is out of my control. Then I was told that it was posted 2 days ago and that they didn’t need it sending back anyway, they just needed to be “able to identify me” with the signature card. So I popped it in the post and now I wait for the next one to arrive. A particularly flattering brown colour this year I notice.

Nothing really to mention about the van insurance documents expect that they are still trying to bleed more money out of me after I have paid with extra cover for this that and the other. Can you tell I am not a great fan of insurance companies? Just got to wait for the tax disc now. I doubt it’ll get here until Tuesday (bank holidays and everything) so I won’t be driving it on Monday then. I like government agencies as much as I like insurance companies.

As a bit of to actually do with racing and maintenance I decided to charge my transponder. Now if you are not in the know, you should charge a transponder every 3 months minimum. I tend to do it about once every month or at the outside margins every 2. It just keeps the battery fresh so as I don’t have to charge it at the circuit. It simply goes on the bike and that’s that (baring taking it off at night in case there are some light fingered people around. I am not sure that they could use it, but I’ll let someone else check that thanks 😉

So a long weekend beckons. Not sure what I am up to just yet, but I have the plan to get the CBR out and get it on eBay, been saying that for a while. I will finish off the van and break in the leathers a bit more I think.

It’s exciting this racing lark isn’t it?… lots and lots of paperwork and spending money 🙂

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