No ACU Test at Pembrey For Me

I am skipping this weekend’s test at Pembrey. Instead I shall be doing some bits and bobs to th race van, as the MOT is due before Cadwell, the first outing of the year for me. While I am at it I am going to set out a bed frame that can fold down so I don’t have to get the bike out before I can get some sleep, for those long, long runs to places like Thruxton or Pembrey. While I am doing that I am going add a few bits to hold things like jerry cans and spare WOW (Wets on Wheels) so that everything has a place and doesn’t bounce around or get covered with things. I have been meaning to do this all winter… in fact I was intending on doing this all before last year started. As with these things, I ran out of time and anyhow I would have not have thought it out as much as I have done now so I have a good plan, now it’s just my carpentry skills that will let me down. I would put a rough sketch of what I am planning but chances are it won’t look anything like it.

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