ACU Test

Got to Pembrey good and early, well in time anyhow.

It’s my first time at Pembrey and after checking in with the NG staff I was straight into the CTC course. This took a good 2 hours in the media centre of not the most strenuous learning I have ever had, in fact it was little bit of telling me and I think most people there, things they already knew. There was then a small break and after a much needed coffee it was off to have a quick over view of the scrutineering process. It was then back to the media centre for a last bit of classroom action and then the test.

No one ever mentions the test itself and after doing it I see why. It was a total of 18 questions that I reckon I would have passed without sitting through the course, but rules is rules and it’s never a bad thing to go over everything and I am sure I will have picked up some things.

All in all…. I past, as did everyone on the course.

Forms all filled and sent.


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