Welcome The New Addition Yamaha R6

After a mammoth 564 mile round trip to Kent at the weekend may I introduce you to… My new Yamaha R6.

I haven’t taken any photos yet, bar a quick snap shot in the van, but I did get there, got it and got back all just in time to watch the MotoGP.

Since then I have been busying myself with the little jobs to turn it from a track bike into a ACU race bike, ready for the Street Stocks 700 and Open 600 classes with NGRRC and dabbling in the No Limits Racing 600 Cup and Pirelli 600 (thought the latter will mean another 2 sets of tyres Pirelli wets and drys, so I might just do the cup for a bit and let the budget build up a bit).

It’s not quite race ready, as it’s been a track bike. So now it has a rain light, been drained and flushed of coolant and is lock wired up. I have also added a horn (for the Street Stock class) which can be easily removed, as that is required to be removed for No Limits Racing. The biggest job left to do is to seal the belly pan as the previous owner has cut a big hole in it (I presume to drain water).

Currently it’s striped down and ready to have some war paint added. Apart from that I just need bang on some Metzler tyres on it and then run it down for an MOT.

More pictures to come

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