It’s alive! Alive!! ALIVE!!!!

The Engine ChangeThe Gixxer is back among the living. The misfire was down to either a coil stick not being seated properly or the spark plug on the nearside giving up the ghost. I don’t know which and I think I’ll be getting a spare coil in my spares kit just in case it was a precaution, as it maybe it’s about to fail. Anyhow…. It’s working and lock wired ready for battle. Now I just hope the weather is good. Tonight rather than pulling my hair out and bleeding all over the Suzuki I can sit back and watch the MotoGP, the BSB and the program about 2 Stroke 500cc GP The Unrideables (ITV4 21:00).

Big Thanks to Haydn (and his SnapOn Tools), Al at Questmead, Steve for his coffee and most of all Sarah for her patience 🙂

Right, now to pack for Donington!

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