Eventful Day All Packed

Today has been one of those days. We have a bit of a 7 a side thing at work on a Thursday lunch time which is all a bit of fun. All was going badly (score about 4 – 0 to the other side) when there was a 50/50 ball between one of there players and me, in goal. To cut a long story short I now have a corker of a shiner and I look like Victorian cartoon villain as it swells up. Ouch. On the plus side he didn’t score and I cut his knee with my face.

I left work on time (there is a first time for everything) and head home for a bit of decal applying, yes I know it’s late in the day for them, but as I know they would be there. Got home to find a note through the door “Couldn’t fit the parcel through the door”. Today is not getting any better. In hindsight I should have got them delivered to my work address but my next door neighbour is always in and a useful person for the post office to use, as they have done many time.

So… Now instead of a 6:00 start to the office and therefore I can’t get away as early as I wanted too.  And not only that it means that I have fight through  traffic while towing the trailer. I’ll have a sneaky half hour lunch to put the number boards on and sort the others out later.

Oh well, on  a plus side. I have gone through the list and I have everything ready to set off.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?