Anglesey Done For Another Year

That is Anglesey rounds done and dusted and surprisingly not that wet. In fact a couple of practise laps first things on wets and a first race, the 600s was a split dry rear and wet front, a choice I was half forced into due to it being a short time between practice and the race but it felt like the way I would go any way.
Apart from that it was stick, dry Metzeler all the way, if the odd look at clouds throughout the day.
Not such good results today but still points in the 600s with a 13th and 14th and 2 battling 9ths in the Street Stocks. I was hampered with a bit of a clutch issue that made the R6 pogo off the line and take time to hook up in the 4th gear corners. It felt almost like a false neutral as I initial tapped on which as you can imagine isn’t the most pleasant feeling and did compromise my run up to the 2 main overtaking points on the track.

Still all good fun and no “lonely races”.

Bring on Oulton

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