Awning Repair Job done Over Lunch

The damaged awning frame
A quick update of what I have been up to over my lunch hour regarding my new awning and having to repair it. I got a package of the replacement parts for my Instant Shelter from Surf and Turf just about 11:45 and couldn’t resist just doing 1… then the other 5

Awning_Repair_IMG_2139A brief report on what the matter with the awning: In transport the frame for the awning had been “dropped” and the plastic joint defenders, that stop it hitting joint on joint, had taken the brunt of this and 6 of them had snapped, meaning that my new awning need a repair before I even use it. The “heavy duty” tag is some what in question, I have to say. So a quick email sending pictures of the offending bits and the right parts should have arrived. They didn’t, a  small chase up yesterday and they arrived today in a “graze.com” box. A little unhappy that I had to chase again, I still intend to write up a full review after I have used the awning at Cadwell, but they have arrived and the repair is done. It was a quick unscrew let the rest of the broken bit fall away and slide the other in place. 6 done in about 10 mins. Now I just need to get out and use the thing.

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