Back From Oulton A Less Than Impressive Race Return

A quick update for you.

Test went well and I slowly got more and more comfortable. Missed a session because of a down poor and change of tires, then too dry for the wets by the time I went out again. Still all good practice.

Races in the morning went alright. Still terrible at starts and I need to figure out the way to get the R6 off the line. I am not as fast as I was (unsurprisingly after such a long time out) but slowly it was coming back. I did have some fun racing.

The afternoon was a mix of fun and annoyance. I had fun having a tussle in the Street Stocks and then a stupid off in the 600s final in the wet. No damage to me or the bike, just plain stupidity on my part.

Here’s the evidence

A full report to come soon


Oulton Off

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