A Bank Holiday With Not Much In The Way Of Race Related Activity

Just had the Easter Bank Holiday and it was a fairly low key affair for my race preparations, about the only real prep I did was refitting the rails in the back for the Tyre Down with some longer technical screws/self drilling screws (£10.49) so that the rails are connected to more than just the van lining and popping the van on the front chock stand. I am not going to bolt this down at the present as it will get in the way when loading. Apart from those little detail bits in the 4 days I only  managed to dent the bank balance for a few little bits, like a new number plate (required to be road sized for street stocks and not at an angle greater than 30 degrees) £5.99, a mount for the GoPro camera (which links in through the stock) £39.99 and the annoyance of admitting defeat and buying a new starter motor for the race van, £39.99. I have the sneaky suspicion I’ll be laying out some money for a new battery for the van as well as it just doesn’t seem to be  holding a charge.

I did however get to go and see and throw a leg over the new Triumph Daytona 675, as I happened to be passing (well nearly) a Triumph dealer in Blackburn. Mmm I could so easily be tempted, and really, really shouldn’t have looked at the site for the Triumph Triple Challenge to see what there was already available for racing the new 675R. Still maybe next year I’ll think about it a bit more 😉

It’s under 2 weeks until I actually do something other than clean the bike, when I will be on track, at Cadwell, with Easy Tracks. Until then more wittering

Racing Elsewhere

Congrats to Richie Connell on his first of what I suspect will be many trophies in Thundersports GB

Track Day bits

I hope the arm isn’t too bad and you get back out soon Fruitbat… you pillock 😉

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