The Big Spend of 2019

Well as MotoGP is about to kick off their first test of 2019 and the WSBK boys (and girl, yeah 600s and WorldSSP300) already stomping around the Spain I thought it was about time to let you all in on the expense and excitement of all the things I am up to in 2019. You may have noticed the site has had a bit of a make over and I intend to be doing more bits and bobs to it, along with updating more regularly. You will also notice that I am keyword loading the first few sentences, well because I am that way inclined (and there maybe a beer bet involved). While I am on that tack, you may also have notice I have been promoting Primordial Radio – Rock, Metal and Beyond, a bit (check them out and get 3 month FREE if you are in to rock and metal music it’s worth a listen, no credit card, no ads (not even PPI), not a cult #ItIsACult, not a sponsor… either click the link to the right or this one:  clicky click, who knows you might like it). I am helping out them out and I am an avid listener and investor to the whole project (ex Team Rock and Radio XS/Rock Radio Manchester) and it’s my kinda thing (well would I listen and invest if it wasn’t?).

First up is my own bit of Spanish training at Circuito de Cartagena again. This is set for the last 3 days of March and flying back on the first day of “Brexit” on April Fools day… hmmmm that could be entertaining (and I promise that is the last time I shall use that tram smash of 2 words). Anyhow 3 days thrashing around Cartagena with Danny and Russel like last time back in 2016. This time I am not leaving it late to book so I have a bit of a faster group. As you can imagine I am really excited to get back out there in the sun and pound out some laps to knock the rust off my riding… and also as I am writing this I would quiet like some running water (currently our water into the house has frozen).  All the flights are booked (ouch), Track time with No Limits all paid up, car parking paid and even express boarding (as it was a bonus with the parking). The annoying part is the closest airport that flies to the new airport near the circuit is East Midland at an ungodly hour of the morning. So with that in mind the express boarding and closer car parking spaces made sense to nail down when booking.

On top of the nipping off to Spain in a couple of months I have also splashed the cash on a new helmet. It was a Black Friday bargain and a little bit of horse training when the one I had bought (the Bradly Smith #33 Shoei X-Spirit-III) which magically became out of stock when I bought it. I think Mr Smith was worried that people would see me riding around in Aprillia leathers with his lid on a the damage to his reputation would be too much so he pulled the order 😉 Anyway I managed to get a deal on the Brink TC5 version of the same lid so all good. What do you think?

So now to the Main Event. I have finally replaced my dad’s old Transporter with something… well a little more YELLOW! That’s right it’s an ex East Midland Peugeot Boxer front line ambulance. It’s a 2012 model with a 3l V6 lump in it. I have big plans for making this a home away from home and making it more into a motor home over time. I will probably set up a specific area on the site for how the build goes. Hopefully it will start making rapid progress as the year goes on. Even as it stands at the moment it will be so nice to sleep in a warmed van (they come with heaters and insulation as standard).

So that’s about it for the time being. I still have to get a new set of tyre warmers to complete my preseason spendathon. I am currently wondering if to keep with Diamond ones that I have always used and if so if to get the ones with the adjustable temperature controls or to try some other ones. Any thoughts on that would be gratefully received.


That is enough waffle for now… and the 6 Nations is about to kick off too.


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