Not at Cadwell but a Bit of Bike Updates

Well I can’t make it to Cadwell this weekend, it’s a bit of a long story and not very interesting… Like most of this blog. Anyhow I will be sat in front of the TV for the World Superbikes at Assen, DIY permitting, and I do have some updates on the Yamaha R6 front too.

First off, it’s MOT time for the van and the bike as well. I could leave it a bit but I might as well get them done and dusted now. So it’s was off with the GARF number plate and on with the road one. No problems and a little run around and check everything. No lights (check), road tyres on (not the wets) done, horn works…….. horn works?….. Damn it, no noise. A quick strip back of the wires to check that, Nothing. Check the grounding, still nothing. The rain light works so connect that to the horn…. nothing. Hmmmmm. Not wiring then. I just happened to knock it while taking off to have a look and see what I can see and there is the briefest of toots. Interesting. So a tap against the horn’s center section and it peeps. Try again and nothing. Tap it and it springs to life. I have no idea what that is caused by. I think it must be the initialisation of the movement, maybe a bit of dirt or something has got caught in it and is stopping it working. Anyhow, I decide it’s not worth risking so £10 later I have a Halfords replacement (it’s about twice the size and weight) but it slides in no problem and it, most importantly works.

Now for the bling.
While at the Manchester Bike Show, I saw a new mount for a camera. It attaches around the fork top so I thought I’d give it a bash. It is a little tight for space I might have a look at getting a longer middle stem so that might improve the space or a Harris Ducati style mount for the steering damper. 

Oh yes… and I updated the site. I hope you like it.

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