The Countdown To Oulton

Garf at Oulton by Kerry Rawson

The delayed start of 2016 racing is about to happen this weekend at Oulton Park, which is probably my favourite circuit. It’s a shame that it’s only a single day event, thought that does make it easier on the wallet, but there is a test day before on the Friday which I am signed up for. Naturally the weather looks like it’s going to break on the Friday and it will be wet, which is not so good. The latest for the Saturday though is for “cloudy and 20% chance of showers”. I’ll take that. Hopefully it will be a case of bang in a set of tyres and not have to constantly swap them, like 2014 was.

Since my last post, and for that matter the last time I update this blog I have changed a few things,  the main one being the fairing. The old fairing (though it is new) was a bit too close to the exhaust and was melting a bit despite cutting a hole out and resealing it with a “power buldge”. I had the chance of some 2nd CRC fairing with a mounting and I took the plundge. Unfortuately I haven’t had chance to get them sprayed up yet so it’s that matt black look for this weekend.

I am half ready. I have to load the van today as I am off with work until late on Thursday so I have to be already loaded up tonight.

See you all track side

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