Couple More To Do’s: The Van, Cadwell Entry, ACU Licence and Cold Weather

The expenses are starting to mount up for the van again. I have the dreaded tax and insurance to pay this month. So that is £322.33 for the years insurance, which is bit steep but there is no mileage restriction nonsense and is any driver over 25, which could be handy if I decide to jump off or fire myself skyward at some point. Add to that 6 months tax for £118.25 and it’s adding up again. I still need to get a generator too, as the one I have has generally given up the idea of generating electricity. Hehehe I hope the racing starts soon this off season is getting a bit pricey 😉

Cadwell Entry

I have had an email confirming my entry for Cadwell, I had to check as I only sent one SAE with my entry and I got back my newly signed record card to send off to the ACU to upgrade my licence to a Clubman licence. The ACU still haven’t sent me through my licence after over 3 weeks so I might have to give them a chase later on today. It seems that there is a “sweet spot” for getting licences from the ACU. Last year, for my second licence it was almost a 1 day turn around. The trick seems to be applying for the licence before the start of any bike racing starts, when they seem to be less busy.

Recent Cold Snap

The recent cold snap is a bit annoying, not as annoying as if I’d raced at Brands Hatch the other week but annoying never the less. When I saw it was going to be cold, and the GSXR was going for it’s MOT I had no option but to put antifreeze in it. For those that don’t know antifreeze isn’t allowed in a race bike, you are only allowed water in a coolant system as antifreeze is oil based and you would not be popular if you hole a radiator or have a hose pop off on track and spread oil everywhere. So I have to drain it at some point and put water back in. The thing I am worried about is that I put in “enough” for piece of mind rather than total protection. I only hope I have put in enough to make it so that it doesn’t freeze up and damage the engine. I was away over the harshest part of the weather and I am sort of scared to go and check up on it. I shall do that over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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