Decided to Skip the Opening Round at Brands Hatch

I have decided to miss the rounds at Brands Hatch again this year. I only have one weekend to get everything ready and sorted and I as of yet have a bike in bits and no way of getting it to Brands. My “new” van is currently having a spring put on and getting it’s MOT. Where as I could get it all sorted for next weekend, or hire a van etc, etc I have a lot on at work too with deadlines looming so I can’t really justify the time… or for that matter the expense. So…. there you go.


  1. Darren G

    I’v missed Brands this weekend for one of many reasons sorry you wont make it fella was going to come along and say high as its only 40 min up the road for me.

    1. Garf

      There will be other rounds… too many things need sorting to get it done in a timely fashion. I am still awaiting my van which is the biggest problem.

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