Dilemma and Decisions

What to do:
I am facing a dilemma. I was hoping to race at Castle Combe but the supply of parts, in particularly one major part is proving “troublesome”. To the extent that there is now no way I will be fully ready for the races at Castle Combe. I have lost a lot of faith in the supplier (who I won’t name) as I am detecting a large amount of excuses, no resolutions, and no ideas or ways of making good. This is such that I was aiming to race or at least have a ride out at Cadwell which in my head wasn’t an unreasonable times frame to build up both bikes.
So the dilemma is: Do I enter Castle Combe and take the risk that I can get enough done to get through or do I go with my gut instinct and just accept that I won’t make it?

I have never been to Castle Combe. The pre race ACU test day is fully booked and the new bike and new track is not a good idea… but it’s still won’t get out of my head.

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