Donington Entry In

Myself, Alex and Josh fighting into the Final Chicane

It’s that countdown time again, as Donington is next. Rather than do my now traditional trick of sending my entry in really late making sure the fee is on the “next months credit card bill” I decided to send it in good and early this time round. This was done for a couple of reason.

1) I thought I better had after reading that my workplaces Sports and Social are planning a visit and therefore would help if I was on the grid and showed gratitude for their efforts 🙂 It was a funny email… I feel that the person organising it has seen F1, MotoGP or even BSB and thinks it’s going to be like that, well it’ll be a bit of a shock for them… I may confess to the level of “hospitality” available and to be expected at a NGRRC meeting.

2) This is the more important one. The house sale is go! so spend the money now before I can be sensible with it 🙂 In fact I should be in before Donington.

Just need to make sure the van is empty of all house moving things and I have some boots now. Another plus side is of course that it should mean I start a little higher up the grids… to slide backwards down the order with my trademarked awful starts. You never know one day I might get an idea of how to do them.

See you all at Donington.

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