Donington Photos, Brake Bolts and The IoM TT

Garf, Alex and Josh fighting into the Final ChicaneI know I haven’t posted much lately, as I have been doing the work thing that pays for racing, so I haven’t done much bike related over the last few days. One thing I did get was the photos from EDP of my racing at Donington, unfortunately they only sent me the Street Stock races, hopefully the rest will come soon. Anyhow the ones they have sent I have uploaded here

Now just a little bit of a “D’oh” moment. I decided I need some new caliper bolts, as the one I have are get a little bit chewed up, and so I thought I’d get some shiny and new (I don’t like to cut corners on braking bits). So a shiny new set of ones ordered from Pro Bolt (last years sponsor of the Open 600). Now for the D’oh moment. I was looking at the picture and reading the description, but apparently I didn’t read it properly and I got the caliper pin bolts and NOT the caliper bolt that actually connect the calipers to the bike. Bugger. So back they go and I correct my cock up. Just waiting for the correct bolts now, I went for stainless steel ones thought the voice in my head was shouting “Titanium, get the titanium ones… they are cool”. I have to say that Pro Bolt were very helpful, it’s so unusual to get good customer service nowadays.

 World Superbikes

That was a good weekend for the Brits at Donington, and better weather than when I was there for the races. Congrats to Tom Sykes and Sam Lowes on their double and single victory respectively. In fact it was a good showing all round, I would like to see the same none stop action from Jonathan Rea in race 2 but on the whole it was some good racing. I am starting to wonder if Carlos Checa’s heart is still in racing. I know he’s got a shoulder injury but he has been lack luster on the Ducati Panigale for a few rounds now and the bike isn’t what I was expecting from the Alstare squad. It is looking like Sylvain Guintoli  is going to not walk away with the championship at least.

Support classes

Well done to Kevin Davies and NPMC on his 4th and 6th in the Mini Twins support race, fancy getting mugged for 3rd on the last lap… who do you think you are, me? 😉 No seriously well done fella.


No actual racing on this one, but more a technical thing. So the Honda customer version of their RC213V will qualify for Claiming Rule Teams (CRT) and with that be allowed more fuel and up to 12 engines per season but not come with the seamless shift gearbox or pneumatic valve where as the Yamaha lease engine for people to build their own chassis around will be a full on fire breathing customer spec (think Tech3) from an M1. So the 2 main manufacturers are going about filling the grids in different ways. I can see why both have gone their root. Yamaha don’t want anyone else to “claim” the engine for $20,000 and see exactly what makes the M1 of the factory bikes tick and Honda have already shown most of their RCV’s internal bits at their end of year “this is how we do it” demonstrations. Hopefully there will be a few of these bikes on thee grid next year along with the rumoured full factory Suzuki return.

Isle of Man TT

I’ll just like to add my condolences to the friends and family of  Yoshinari Matsushita who was tragically killed during the practice for this years Isle of Man TT. I have nothing but respect for all the riders. My deepest sympathy to Yoshinari’s family and friends.

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