EasyTrack and My Track Time and the Weekends BSB and WSB Action

Into The Bottom Of The Mountain At CadwellThere are a few comments going around on forums regarding EasyTrack and there aforementioned demise. Apparently some people are getting emails from EasyTrack. I have included 2 examples below. I myself have still had no communication from them after the phone call on Thursday cancelling my trackday on Friday. From the few I have seen they seem to be saying the same story, in part or full.

Despite the rumours we’re still here!

There has been a bit of a situation with MSV circuits but we are looking for that to be resolved this week.

You’re pack is safe and even in the worst happened and we can’t offer dates, you would be entitled to a refund.

As said though, the situation is looking likely to be resolved. It was dropped on us out of the blue by the owner suddenly announcing immediate retirement. The rest of team are picking things up but there are some formalities we need to go though, we will then be able to restore a diary of events.



Sadly we’re emailing you with bad news regarding your booking at the track day scheduled for this Wednesday at Oulton Park.

Late last week we learned, without warning that this day was to be cancelled. After several days of looking for a solution, it is now clear that we are not going to be able to find a home for your booking on this track day, with the time we had.

We’re very sorry this is short notice, however having had the problem arise only late last week we first wanted to be sure to exhausted all possibilities to make the day happen, before cancelling your booking.

We can only offer our apologies, the situation that has led to the cancellation is beyond the on-the-ground EasyTrack team control.

We are currently working on an alternative diary for 2013, and all being well will be extending an invitation to an event to you by way of an apology.

Once again apologies for the disappointment.

These are from someone called “Peter”. On some boards people, who have been instructing on days for the company and someone who has run days for them, have never heard of him, so as to what roll he has had or is now having with the company is unclear. There is something happening, obviously. Companies House has changed the registered address in the last week, which could fit with the retirement story but MSV, the company that owns Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Brands Hatch, is saying the company has ceased trading and I don’t think they would be risking saying that if it wasn’t based on very good evidence. Maybe this Peter is resurrecting or stepping in to save the company from a combination of retirement and ceasing trading, who knows, probably only Peter at this point. Which ever it is, I am sure there will be a few wild rumours, stories and annoyed customers before this fully plays out.
As for me, I am trying to find a day that works for both me and Spike so I can reschedule. This is unlikely to EasyTrack days. I’ll just have to use up my 3 days if and when they are running days again. I am thinking of now doing ACU Test Day before Cadwell race weekend, so at least I have some time on the bike. I have bounced the day off I took on Friday for the training to the one before the event. I am unsure if Spike would do training on that day, or even could, as I have to make sure it is all square at work and there are spaces available for us to do that.

WSB At Aragon

Well enough of that… I had a bit of a nasty cold over the weekend, and thus sat in front of the TV to watch 8 hours of bike racing on Eurosport. Well done to Chaz Davis on his first  World Superbikes double, though I felt a little robbed of him duking it out on his BWM SS1000R against Eugene Laverty’s Aprillia RSV4  in both races  and Tom Sykes Kawasaki ZX10R. Still it was a good result for Chaz. Oh and you have to feel for Sam Lowes in the Supersports class, that must hurt to go out on the last lap.

BSB At Thruxton

BSB was a bit of a red flag fest. I don’t think I watched a single race that went right to the chequered flag. Some good tight racing in all classes though (oooh I still want a new Daytona 675 🙂 ), and I particular enjoyed seeing the rider of my old GSXR1000K5 when I was involved with Xpress Racing, David Johnson winning in the Bristish Superstocks. Top job Davo , now why didn’t you lift the big trophy on the Gixxer fella? 😉


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