I Have My New Engine For My GSXR

The New GSXR EngineI have managed to collect my new replace engine for the Gixxer today. So what is it and where did I get it from? Well it’s a 4000 mile old engine from a K7, a year and 5000 miles younger than my bike. It’s total standard and even has a service history with it. It’s very clean and better than I thought from the photographs I had seen, it even has an OEM Suzuki oil filter (I can’t remember when the last time I saw an OEM one) And there it is, in all it’s glory in the photo. I got it from the nice blokes from Two Wheels Mad in Wigan, shame I was only rushing there and back in my lunch hour and so couldn’t have a good long chat with them… Now you maybe wondering why it has ribbons and a bow on it. Well it’s quiet simple. It’s my girlfriend’s, Sarah, birthday soon, so I thought I’d winder her up and say I’d bought the engine as present… Yes I know it’s childish and I enjoyed the joke immensely  🙂

Just got to fit it now.

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