Engine Swapped But A Little Problem

Engine Out ready for the New GSXR K7 oneSo a bank holiday weekend of swapping the engine out on the GSXR. I had a lot of help from my good friend Haydn, and his large selection of Snap On tools (I must get myself a set of air tools 🙂 ). It took a lot longer than I thought but I dealt with a few little niggles and tidied up a bit of wiring for the quick shift, rear set and the like.

On turning the bike on the FI light came on. A quick search on the net found how to get the actual diagnose codes. There were 2. The C14 Throttle Position Sensor and C29 Secondary Throttle Position Sensor. A quick search for what could cause these proved fruitless and time was passing so we decided that a fresh attack in the morning and Internet search would be the best plan.

So today a quick re think saw that the secondary throttle position sensor was plugged into the fuel pumps connector (stupid of me and of Suzuki to have the same connector type so close together)

I’ll have to leave this here and update you later. I think I know what is the last problem and it is a quick fix.

Here is hoping, as there is very little time before Donington now!

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