A Week Later But I Will Be At Donington

Well after a bit of though and budget searching, searching for budget again and eventually just saying “sod it, who needs to eat anyhow” I have decided to enter the No Limits Racing which is taking place the week later at Donington Park. I have dabbled with doing a No Limits round or 2 but never could get everything to line up. Well with not having a place at NG‘s round at Donington it seems that it now has.

So there are a couple of things I need to do to the Yamaha R6 to get it ready for the different classes at NLR, I am doing No Limits Club 600, which is a class that doesn’t have many rules. First off is secondary engine covers, to lessen the likelihood of an off opening up a casing and spilling oil (a major issue for their endurance races). Fortunately they give a discount on these cases at NLR and so with the entry I nabbed a set. I have case protecting sliders but unfortunately they won’t cut it for the regs. Next up is moving my transponder. Apparently they are having a few issues with picking up the signals so have designated where the transponders need to be fitted (no biggie, just a thing I need to do). I also need to fit a brake lever guard (like you see in BSB and MotoGP). I must admit I have been contemplating buying one anyhow, so that’s on it’s way too. Next up is remove the horn, no idea why that is in the regs but it is so off it comes. I need to get some more numbers made up, unfortunately 17 had been taken, so 117 it is. These have to be blue on a white background, so a bit of painting is the order of the day to make the background. Another thing I can do now is pull the baffle as I don’t have to run 98dB, exhaust system which will unleash a couple of ponies 🙂

Now I just have to hope everything arrives on time and is correct and that I can remember my way around Donington GP circuit.

Photo by Kerry Rawson

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