Entry For Mallory Is Here

Doog's Awning Didn't Survive MalloryI was starting to get a little concerned I hadn’t got my pack through for Mallory, but today it popped through my letter box. Not really much of an update this, but I thought I’d just mention it. I am really keen to get out on the bike as it’s been far too long since Donington. I should have really done a track day or something, but alas the funds aren’t there for such things at the moment. That said I have a busy bike week coming up. First up is the 2 races days and then a day’s rest before I am off to Oulton Park with Spike for my rescheduled training. The weather is looking like it will be a bit better than last year, where not only did we loose the races but we also lost Team Cheese’s old awning, hence I got the bright ORANGE! one

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