An Evening Of Masking Tape

I have an evening planed with a large amount of masking tape. Exciting it isn’t, but I need to get my number boards on the fairing and rather than try and fail at putting on vinyl again I am going to spray them on with good old fashion Halfraud special rattle can of gloss black. I learnt from the last time of doing this to make sure EVERY SINGLE part of the fairing you don’t want any spray on is covered with masking tape, as the paint gets everywhere.

I do notice that the Gixer’s fairing isn’t the easiest of places to put a number board. The front is fairly small for the “regulation” sized numbers and the air scoops cut in to it. As for the side ones… well the seat unit is fairly shallow side on and the amount of fairing around the engine isn’t exactly blessed with space. I am sort of regretting not just getting it done in black so I could just pop the numbers on now.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?