An Evening of War Paint Creating

After taking up the offer of a graphic artist at work’s offer to redraw the Team Cheese logo as an Illustrator file, I have spent most of the evening trying to figure out where, what and how large  to put stickers on the CBR. It all started out as me needing some number 17’s to put on the bike and has spiralled out of control a bit. So some go faster stickers are needed.Fortunately I have the good fortune of being on Track Day Riders and Throttle Monkeys where there is a very helpful person called Roger (RogerC) who does really good stickers at a good price ( as well as riding a rather nice Triumph Daytona 675 quickly and also make a cracking cuppa). I am tempted to get a couple of sets not because I am intending on throwing the bike down the track, but because I have another friend who can spray up the fairing a bit better than the brake fluid streaked paint job it has at the moment. Now all I need to do is get all the friends who have said they want some (some for the Help 4 Heroes Land Rally Team, The Wise Monkeys, that I did last year… shameless plug) to commit to what they actually want and get the art work to me (soz Roger if you are reading this).

Do you have anything you'd like to add?