Fairing, Paint, Things still to do

Last night I continue with the fairing battle a bit, this work thing is annoying at times getting in the way 🙂

I have ordered my decals, from Roger at Simple Signs and Graphics, and my attention are now firmly on number boards and “fancy bits”. I have tried to mask off the number board areas with standard masking tape and failed quiet miserably at that. The shape of the GSXR, with it’s multiple curves, makes it hard to get it covered. After many stabs at it I asked on TDR if anyone had some tips. I got a response that I should get some Lining Tape. The tape is apparently easy to bend around in curves, so we shall see. I went for the 3mm wide (again on advice) and then I’ll add standard masking tape to cover EVERYTHING else, see I do learn from my mistakes previous.

I have still got the problem of the exhaust touching the fairing but I have a cunning plan for that, still no idea what I am going to do about the dreadful fit of the seat unit, I might use some form of edging to stop it looking so bad or just have to live with it.

This has taken a huge amount more time than I had expected. Just as well for once I didn’t think I could get it all done in a short space of time.

So here is a list of the things I still have to do:

  • Fix the exhaust fairing issue
  • Add number boards
  • Drain the coolant and replace with water
  • Get some brake pads
  • Change the brake calipers
  • Fit the transponder cradle
  • Fit the seat foam
  • Take my time and put on the decals properly for once

That is still quiet a bit to do before the end of the month really.

(Worryingly this is my 100th post on here, let alone reports, pages, details and the like)

Do you have anything you'd like to add?