All The FI Codes Are Out

Broken WireMy hunch was right, that the wire should be connected inside the wiring loom. A quick delve into the shrink wrapped loom near the connector and a broken wire was there. This is where the Power Commander connects in so it can read the throttle. On all the previous bikes I have had with Power Commanders the connection has been via a cut in connector, rather than a crude cut of the wire and in this case, twisting the wires together and taped over. When we were pulling the injectors out of the way we must have pulled a bit to hard on the wire and broke it off. I don’t have a soldiering iron and shrink wrap to hand so I have block connector it as a temporary solution. It’s not ideal, but it is better than a twisted together and taped solution. All back together and turn the key and all the FI warning have gone. Result!

Fire it up…. and it’s running really rough and wont idle. All the pipes are getting hot an it’s missing low down. My guess is that it’s in need of new spark plugs. I meant to swap these out, but forgot to get them, I only miss the important things :), so I’ll have to get these tomorrow and get them in. The clock is really ticking loud for Donington. If that doesn’t sort it out, I will have no options but to spend more cash at a dealer/shop 🙁 Still… There is hope that the spark plugs will sort it all out.

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