Final Preparations For Mallory Park

Finally got everything together. The fairing fit….ish, Sprayed on my number boards and almost ready for the off.

I decided I’d add a little “extra” to my my fairly flat coloured bike and got some snazzy florescent blue paint, the idea to just add a little bit of “stand out from the crowd” bits. So everything is masked off again and after vigourous shaking of the can it goes on…. only for it to stop at a very “half done” effort. Noooo! A quick ring to the supplier and I get a “well they do sometimes do that sir”. Now I haven’t really got time to get another can and start again so I am left in 2 positions. Leave it as a half baked job and hope above hope I can get a can delivered and use if before  loading up for Thursday. Or come up with another plan. I can black out the areas I had started spraying, rub them back and add a different colour that Halfrauds have.

And it was all going so well.

Technically thought I’m all set for the off. I finally dropped the coolant

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